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Pizza Ordering Questions

Online ordering for pizza is available at Palisades (Lake Oswego), Main Street (Vancouver), and Milwaukie locations at this time. We look forward to adding more locations soon!

To see the pizza menu for other store locations, and get contact information to order, please click here!

Pizza ordering is available daily from 11:30am-8pm.

Of course! Check out the latest pizza menu here for store locations and contact phone numbers.

Yes we can! Unfortunately we can't accept large orders online. Please contact the store for more information. You can see the latest pizza menu, store locations and contact phone numbers here.

General Questions

You can either check out as a guest, login or create a new account. Creating an account will give you access to view and edit your order as needed before your pick-up date.

Check back with us in October to learn more!

If you already have an account, click the account icon in the top right to sign in or view your account. You will see options to view, edit, or cancel your order here.

If you checked out as a guest, you will need to create an account to view, edit or cancel your order. Click the account icon in the top right to sign in or view your account. You may need to push a password reset if it's your first time logging in.

If you are having any trouble, please contact us so we can help with any order adjustments or account issues.

You will be asked to select your pick-up date when you place your order. Items will be picked up at a central location, please look for signs when you arrive at the store. We do not currently offer delivery for reservations orders - sorry!

Oh no! We're so sorry there is a problem with your order. Please contact your local store and so we can make it right.

Turkey Info, Reheating Instructions & Allergen Info

Turkeys reserved on the Reservations site will be mostly thawed at pickup, regardless of whether they're fresh or previously frozen (see below for more detail). However, keep in mind that your turkey must be 100% thawed before cooking.

  • Fresh: Most of our turkeys arrive to our stores fresh. Our vendor partners may use a thin layer of ice on the outside of the turkey to ensure quality, but beyond the ice crust, the turkey is not frozen.
  • Previously Frozen: Some of our turkeys arrive to us previously frozen. Our previously frozen turkeys are the following: Certified Organic American Heirloom Turkey, Non-GMO Project Verified Regeneratively Raised Turkey, Local Pasture Raised Turkey, and the Kosher Turkey. Even though these were previously frozen, they will be mostly thawed at time of pickup.

To thaw your turkey, we recommend storing it in a fridge set to 40° F or lower a day or two before you plan to cook it. Remove your turkey from the box, but keep it wrapped in plastic, and set it on a baking sheet or in a roasting pan on the bottom shelf of your fridge. Your bird’s thaw time depends on its weight and how frozen it is. For frame of reference, a fully frozen 12-16 lb turkey will take three to four days to thaw, so any turkey you reserved on the site will be ready much sooner than that.

Short on time or fridge space? A cold-water thaw is another option for smaller birds up to 16 lb. Place your wrapped turkey in a bucket or sink filled with cold water and keep it fully submerged, changing the water every 30 minutes. A fully frozen 12-16 lb bird will take about four hours, so again, yours will thaw faster than that.

Brining is another thawing option that works well with a semi-thawed turkey. Place your unwrapped turkey in a brining bag or large bucket and cover with your brine. Place the turkey on the bottom shelf of the fridge until ready to cook. In the meantime, the turkey will continue to thaw in the brine.

As always, remember to wash hands and sanitize all surfaces and containers that come into contact with raw meat to avoid contamination. For more directions and tips, please refer to our Turkey Guide.

Most of our house-made dishes quickly and easily reheat in the oven or microwave. You can find our comprehensive reheating guide here.

We recommend 1 lb per person for no leftovers, 1.5 lb per person for some leftovers, and 2 lb per person for lots of leftovers.

Yes, we will gladly cut your bird to your preference. Just bring your turkey to the meat department and let them know what you need. Feel free to continue your shopping while we prepare your turkey.

Ingredients and allergens are listed on the individual products, with the exception of some packages, which can be found here.