Whole sockeye sale this weekend, July 13-14.

Walk-ups are welcome!

This is your two-day, annual opportunity to enjoy whole, peak-season, sockeye salmon!

To improve your experience and ensure we're as prepared as can be, this year's sockeye sale will be managed through online reservations.

Our website will be open from Wednesday, June 26th through Friday, July 12th.

  • To reserve, add salmon to your cart, selecting your desired cut preparation for each fish. We'll cut your salmon into fillets, steaks, half fillets/half steaks, or leave it whole.

  • Once your items are added to cart, proceed to check out. Select a pickup day of either Saturday, July 13th or Sunday, July 14th. Note: The site will prompt you to select a pickup time as well, but you can pick up your salmon any time from 9-5.

  • On your day of pickup, we'll have your salmon reserved for you at the Seafood Counter. At pickup, we'll wrap your cuts/salmon in whatever configuration you request. Then, simply pay for the salmon and any other groceries you need at the register, like usual.

Our fishmongers are happy to assist you with your reservation and can place the order on your behalf, but note that all orders will be submitted into the same online system. If you want to place your order in-store, we recommend using the QR code at the Seafood Counter; that way, you can leverage our staff to answer any questions while placing your order.

A limited number of salmon will be reserved for walk-ups, but availability is not guaranteed. Placing a reservation is highly recommended.

Let our fishmongers know your specifications at pickup and they will be happy to assist.

If the pickup dates don't work for you (or you simply don't need a whole salmon's worth of fish), we'll still have plenty of sockeye fillets available in-store to enjoy throughout the season.

Using our Website

If you already have an account, click the account icon in the top right to sign in or view your account. You will see options to view, edit, or cancel your order here.

If you checked out as a guest, you will need to create an account to view, edit or cancel your order. Click the account icon in the top right to sign in or view your account. You may need to push a password reset if it's your first time logging in.

Only looking to change your pickup day or time? Don't worry about it; as long as you pick up on either the 13th or 14th any time between 9-5, we'll have your salmon ready for you.

Still need help? Contact us here so we can assist you.

You can always use guest checkout, so no account creation is required. However, setting up an account will allow you to change/cancel your own order and speed up your reservation process for next time.

Note: In effort to reduce waste, guest checkout will still require an email address so we can send a reminder when your pickup date approaches.

About our Salmon

You might recognize sockeye from its distinct red color. Sockeye is one of only five types of wild salmon, and it's renowned for having the most robust flavor. This fish lends itself to a wide variety of cooking methods, such as baking, grilling, broiling, smoking, and panfrying. When cooking, note that it tends to cook more quickly than other types of salmon.

Our sockeye, wild caught from a well-managed, sustainable fishery, is a New Seasons Market Sustainable Choice. Co-developed with research organization Fishwise, our Sustainable Choice attribute is acquired through a strict vetting process that assesses fishery health, fish abundance, environmental impact, catch and farming methods, carbon footprint, and social responsibility.

Make the most of your whole fish! Salmon bones make can be used to make a delicious fish stock, which can be the base of various soups. Outside of the kitchen, salmon bones are incredible fertilizer in your garden bed. That said, if you're unsure how to use them, worry not; our stores routinely compost any discarded bones.